super-engine-cms-bull Fast interchangeable design
super-engine-cms-bull Fully updatability by the client
super-engine-cms-bull Tree-Structured Content
super-engine-cms-bull Powerful Security System
super-engine-cms-bull No design skills needed
super-engine-cms-bull Change to client site very fast
super-engine-cms-bull Modular framework system
super-engine-cms-bull A good versatile top menu
super-engine-cms-bull Multiple WYSIWYG editors
super-engine-cms-bull Parent-child page structure
super-engine-cms-bull Multiple language support
super-engine-cms-bull Support multiple custom menus
super-engine-cms-bull Multiple page layouts
super-engine-cms-bull Manipulate Image/File catalog
super-engine-cms-bull Automatic contact form
super-engine-cms-bull Widget support
super-engine-cms-bull Vertical menu support
super-engine-cms-bull Fully custom page support
super-engine-cms-bull External DB Connectivity
super-engine-cms-bull Custom splash page on demand





About superengine standard pack

This product pack offers you a standard set of modules that will help you create a fully functional website in a easy, understandable way.

» Just Edit your settings like title, meta keys, meta description, default language and page layout. Then your default page, page editor of your choise and type of menu (if you like a custom menu).

» From menu page you will easily set the links to the pages of your site.

» Then go to add your pages where you have available some good wysiwyg editors, that will help you create your page content faster. Save the page and publish it, so it can be seen online.

» You have to use also a image repository to manage your images that you will use in your site. Also for your files a repository as well.

» From contact page select the page you like the contact form to be show on. Then insert the email addresses you want your visitors to send you an email.

Take control of your website, order your standard pack now!



About superengine custom pack

» This product pack offers you a custom set of modules made to your needs, or ready-to-use modules or modified ones, to help you build your site.

» Make ready to use statistic system, to have control over the efficiency of your site and make complex analysis for every detail so you can maximize your profitability.

» Take advantage of an automatic list system with easy pagination, editing and other custom options ready to be implemented on your request.

» Set a complex search system with multiple fields and pagination which facilitate access to your record data faster to maximize your efficiency.

» Take advantage of an easy system of adding/editing/deleting or filtering/sorting your data and have good control for your files and your images.

» User profiles module with custom rights access to application functionality, pre-built add-ons and modular component support, custom website membership system on-demand and more ...

It's very easy to set your website, order your custom pack now!